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Company Highlights

Starbucks Corporation is an international coffee and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle, WA. It is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 17,133 stores in 49 countries, including 11,068 in the United States, nearly 1,000 in Canada and more than 800 in Japan.

Starbucks sells drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, other hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, hot and cold sandwiches and panini, pastry, snacks, and items such as mugs and tumblers. In addition, it also markets books, music, and film. Many of the company’s products are seasonal or specific to the locality of the store. Starbucks-brand ice cream and coffee are also offered at grocery stores.


Starbucks and Grupo Vips had very distinct needs. This called for a strategic plan agreement developed by Etkin & Company that would allow both companies to come together while simultaneously benefiting the long-term goals in their respective markets.


As an outsider with deep industry experience in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Etkin & Company identified and executed a strategic solution for both partners. All of which gave Starbucks 100% operating control of Starbucks businesses in France and made Grupo Vips a fully licensed partner with exclusive rights to operate in Spain and Portugal. In addition, Starbucks and Grupo Vips each held 50% equity stakes in the operating entities in France, Spain and Portugal.


The partnership established by Etkin & Company has worked to equal satisfaction for both Starbucks and Grupo Vips. By clarity of ownership, it has enabled Starbucks to continue to establish its brand offerings in France while letting Grupo Vips experience robust growth in Spain and Portugal.