Maximizing value.
Creating opportunity.
Exceeding client expectations.

Etkin & Company is a differentiated, value-added merger and acquisition advisory and strategic transaction services boutique.

Our unique approach to creating value combines a comprehensive understanding of each client’s business and goals with extensive transaction and tactical expertise, unparalleled personal engagement and proactive, professional execution to deliver results that routinely exceed client expectations.

“Etkin & Company continues to deliver value for Starbucks across our business and in both U.S. and International markets. Whether in developing and executing strategic transactions on our behalf as he did with the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Grupo Vips deals, helping us elevate our profitability and performance or when the Starbucks Senior Leadership Team or I need counsel from someone whose judgment and advice we respect and trust implicitly, Bill Etkin is our “go to” banker.”
Howard Schultz
chairman, president and ceo
“Bill Etkin saw and understood the value of Farnam™’s business and brand immediately. He generated interest in Farnam from buyers all around the world, fought tenaciously for the very best outcome for our family every single step of the way even months after he was paid and delivered a value way above what other bankers we talked to told us they could get for us. What more could a seller ask?.”
Charles Duff,
Founder and Former Chairman/CEO
“Etkin & Company developed and executed a flexible/adaptive marketing strategy that put the company in the hands of a strategic acquirer that is totally behind our efforts to accelerate growth and take a bigger share of the global industry, while delivering a purchase price to our shareholders that was at the high end of their expectations and above what other bankers told us to expect.”
Bob Scanlon,
Former CEO/President
“The Etkin & Company team worked with us for years as we navigated challenge after challenge in our business, industry and the economy. But Bill Etkin was always the first person to suggest that we pass on an offer he brought if he felt he could improve upon it with another acquirer. My brother and I will always remember that about him. And then he delivered big time with the Fred Meyer/Kroger deal.”
Leonard Littman,
Former Chairman/Co-CEO
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