Larson Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Brookings, SD

Transaction Value: +$800 million

Founded in 1954, LARSON Manufacturing Company, Inc. is America’s premier manufacturer and marketer of premium, branded storm doors, storm and panoramic windows and among the most recognized and respected consumer brands in the North American residential building products industry. LARSON has delivered top-of-industry financial and operating performance across all economic, business and residential building cycles for decades.

The +$800 million transaction that Etkin & Company developed and executed on behalf of LARSON and the LARSON shareholders with NYSE-listed Fortune Brands Home and Security, Inc. (symbol: FBHS) reflected the strength of the Larson business, brand, management team and deep, longstanding customer relationships. The transaction created the North American building products industry’s largest, fastest-growing and best-positioned manufacturer and marketer of branded, outdoor living products.