Farnam Companies, Inc.

Phoenix, AZ

Transaction Value: +$340 Million

Founded in 1948, Farnam Companies, Inc. is among America’s leading manufacturers and marketers of premium, branded, over-the-counter animal health care products, and among the best-known and most respected participants in the global animal health care industry. Farnam dominates the horse health care products segment of the animal health industry and offers full lines of branded products for pet, small animal, professional veterinary and economic animal health care.

“Bill Etkin saw and understood the value of Farnam’s business and brand immediately. Bill and his team generated strong interest in Farnam from buyers all around the world and delivered a value and transaction that went way beyond what we expected when we decided to sell the company.”

Charles Duff

Founder and Former Chairman/CEO, Farnam Companies, Inc.

The +$340 million transaction that Etkin & Company developed and executed on behalf of Farnam and the Farnam shareholders with NASDAQ-listed Central Garden & Pet, Inc., (symbol: CENT) reshaped the over-the-counter (OTC) animal health care industry and created among the world’s strongest, fastest growing and best positioned manufacturers and marketers of OTC animal health care products. The transaction represented a value approximately twice what the Farnam shareholders expected to receive for the company when they retained Etkin & Company.