The North American Manufacturing Company

Cleveland, OH

Transaction Value: +$150 Million

Founded in 1917, North American Manufacturing Company, Inc. (NAMCO) is America’s leading designer and manufacturer of advanced, integrated, high-temperature industrial combustion equipment systems and solutions for customers in heavily combustion-dependent industries. NAMCO offers customers the most advanced low emission technologies, the most fuel efficient equipment and the most precise and reliable control systems available in the combustion industry. NAMCO also provides its customers with life cycle maintenance and 24/7 emergency service and support around the world.

“Etkin & Company developed and executed a flexible/adaptive marketing strategy that put the company in the hands of a strategic acquirer that is totally behind our efforts to accelerate growth and take a bigger share of the global industry, while delivering a purchase price to our shareholders that was at the high end of their expectations and above what other bankers told us to expect.”

Bob Scanlon

Former CEO/President, The North American Manufacturing Company

The + $150 million transaction that Etkin & Company developed and executed on behalf of NAMCO and NAMCO’s shareholders with Paris, France-based Groupe Fives resulted in the creation of a global combustion industry leader, offering products and technologies for virtually every high-temperature combustion application or need anywhere in the world.