Grand Laboratories, Inc.

Freeman, SD

Transaction Value: +$90 million

Founded in 1972, Grand Laboratories, Inc. was among the most respected manufacturers of economic animal and livestock vaccines in the North American animal health industry, long recognized for developing and producing many of the industry’s most efficacious, cost efficient and widely used large animal vaccines. Grand Labs portfolio included over 100 proprietary, USDA-approved large animal vaccine licenses.

The +$90 million transaction that Etkin & Company developed and executed on behalf of Grand Labs and Grand Labs shareholders with Novartis Animal Health, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swiss-based pharmaceutical and life science company Novartis AG (NYSE-listed ADR symbol: NVS), enabled Novartis to enter the large, robust and fast-growing U.S. market for large animal vaccines with a comprehensive, competitive product portfolio virtually overnight. The acquisition complemented Novartis’ position in European and Asian economic animal vaccine markets and enabled Novartis to leverage Grand Labs product portfolio, research and development knowledge base and new product pipeline to create a leadership position in the global animal health care industry.